We are curious about the Future Life at Home.

For the first time ever, IKEA starts a collaboration with an entire city. Together with City of Helsingborg, IKEA steps outside the four walls of the home, to explore the solutions to the many challenges that comes with ever increasing urbanization. It turns out that “Life at Home”, is a wide and ever-changing concept.

Urbanization with all its positive sides, comes with it a few challenges, like density, inequality, segregation and the contributions to climate change. To find solutions to these changes/challenges IKEA have teamed up with the City of Helsingborg. The initiative aims at making city life healthier and more sustainable for citizens, society and the planet at large.

The Future of the Affordable Home

By 2030 we will have 40% more single households than today. More than 150 million people move to their first home every year and many more change home for different reasons. A lot of these people have very limited means and usually have to move from space to space more than once a year. 

We are curious about

  • How an affordable home for the next generation would look like?
  • What will be important for the next generation and how this will affect their homes? 
  • What make sense to own and what can you share? 
  • What should the future home cost?
  • Where are the boundaries to what we call home?

The Future of Food and Togetherness in the Home

Most people enjoy experimenting with food from different cultures. Three out of four millennials take photos of their food before eating. They want to hang out with their family, friends and peers and enjoy experiences that works with their values and interests.

We are curious about

  • Food projects that deliver on health and sustainability and thus well being
  • If and how we can help take on tasks along the whole value chain – from farm to producing to shop to distribution to table.
  • The next generation, that demands a new delicious, honest, sustainable, friendly and generous experience 
  • How we can help creating a whole new fresh take on Food and Togetherness in the home.

The Future of Health, Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Home

Today, people with thin wallets have the hardest time affording healthy and sustainable products and services. IKEA has a real possibility to change this. Our scale enables efficient production, transport and distribution, and the ability to transform entire industries towards healthier and more sustainable practices.

We are curious about

  • Solutions that enable people to reduce their environmental impact 
  • Products that increase everyday wellbeing and health.
  • Sustainable manufacturing, closer to the end customer
  • How we can encourage people to move around more 

The Future of Shopping in the city and at home

Cities have more empty windows at street level, than ever before. We have all noticed how much of the ease and joy of shopping has moved in to the palm of our hands,  but is this really the future of retail or is there more out there?

We are curious about

  • How people will shop in city environments and from their homes in the future. 
  • What will be an inspiring future IKEA shopping experience in big citys? 
  • What will the future logistical solutions look like?
  • How production and manufacturing can be moved closer to the shopping experience.