H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

Re:imagining the future nature of outdoor living

On the harborfront in Helsingborg – right next to Magasin 405 – you can visit the living exhibition – “Re:imagining the future nature of outdoor living”.

The exhibition is the collected results of a series experimentations and explorations on the subjects of community and the importance of nature in our collective future conducted by university students and creative minds from across the globe.

The outcome of that process can be seen in their shelter designs exhibited on site….

Mobile forest

Our platform for experimenting with nature with temporality

4 global universities on the future of community

Open competition

Shelter designs exploring our relationship with nature

Collage of hundreds of hours of creativity

Our relationship with nature and the way we use it has constantly been changing throughout human history and since the beginning of the industrial revolution the speed of that change has been dramatically increasing. With that, the planet’s rate of change has severely increased as well.

Mass-migration, rapid urbanization and the devastating impacts of the climate crisis act as a wake-up call. It raises awareness of how urgently we must protect the environment, our common values within society and the communities around us.

During the Covid 19 pandemic the way we live, move and work was forcibly changed against our will, but that change also made the challenges we face feel more dire and it has invigorated a global desire to reimagine the construct of our urban lives and the qualities we seek in our communities and in our nature.

It is with that desire that we at IKEA started asking ourselves what our collective future should look like in this new reality we are facing. Shortly thereafter we realized the obvious necessity to open up that question to a much, much wider discussion.

We chose to do so by creating a platform for experimentation and explorations and through initiating collaborations with students and creative minds across the globe.

The collected result of that body of work is communicated through the living exhibition – “Re:imagining the future nature of outdoor living”, situated here on the harbor front in Helsingborg as a part of H22.

Our spots at H22


Where urban areas transform from closed spaces to shared spaces, there will be a new marketplace, a community kitchen and urban farming, delivering to the above mentioned.

Magasin 405

This area will deal with the ‘future of home’, exploring and displaying the future of retail and manufacturing. The Ocean pier will be the key touch point for IKEA at H22.


Skogen is an exhibition “first-home” dwellings developed in collaboration with Universities, architect and design schools. The selection is made through two global competitions and is exhibited in an urban forest next to Magasin 405 in the old Ocean Pier.