H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

Magasin 405. The new IKEA at H22

In the old harbor of Helsingborg – a brand new city district is growing by the minute. Here, you will find Magasin 405 – a three-story cultural monument of a warehouse. This is the key touch point for IKEA and a landmark for the H22 City Expo. In this historic warehouse IKEA will explore the future of home in different situations – one being The First Home. But it is also host a huge foodcourt with restaurants, bars at all levels and even a dancehall.

All together with probably the best sea view at the whole expo!

Don’t steal more letters! This gem of an old building is the home of IKEA initiatives at H22, like production, food court and shopping with some of the best views in Helsingborg.

Experience the curious and contemporary IKEA

In Magasin 405 we are exploring People – from real lives, in the real world. Aspirations – what life do you dream to live if everything is possible? The First Home – where we will search the meaning of affordability and availability – connected to the first home. Knowing that home is more than four walls – what are the boundaries to what we call home?

We want to make a big impression with the content of our exhibitions, but a minimum footprint on the environment. Keywords are circularity and sustainability.

Once the storage from coffee beans from foregin countries, soon the home of coffee shops from IKEA Food. 

A new tastier and fun IKEA

Entering Magasin 405 visitors will be greeted by a IKEA Restaurant were we will take you into IKEA Food of 2025 – IKEA classics with a twist, like the ‘Korvkiosk’, where the hotdog stand meets fine dining. And of course a heaven of balls, from plants and oceans. Also you will find a ‘IKEA mall’ – IKEA products (mainly home furnishing accessories) curated in new ways like the Japandi (mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design) shop and much more.

The first home, at first floor

Up the stairs you will take part in “Life at home”-solutions, where you are introduced to different perspectives on the concept of the First Home. Why? Because every year, millions of people move to their first home. And many of those “first-homers” have limited resources and usually limited space, if any at all. We will provide some of the solutions at the first floor.

ÖGONBLICK / Slices of life

Further up the stairs, the top floor hosts an exhibition called “ÖGONBLICK”. A series of moments in life, throughout the different stages in life, from first time single – starting out to the life at 55+ and more. These moments are interpreted in a more abstract way, than you normally see in an IKEA store. Loads of photo op’s are promised so bring your phone!

One Ögonblick at a time! Sneak peek at one of eight installations to be found on the top floor

Stay all day and watch the sun go down in the ocean!

At Magasin 405 we want the visitors to have a new, relevant, and positive experience around life at home and in the meeting with IKEA. One that considers circularity, wellbeing, and community. Food and refreshments will go hand in hand with the shopping experience.

We will interpretate different life stages and inspire though different lifestyles and learn what what are the most important features in the home for the next generation, and how does that effect and apply to their first home? What can be owned, and what can be shared? What are the most important features in the home for the next generation, and how does this affect and apply to their first home?

Welcome to how IKEA showcase the Future of the Home – a Home that is so much more than the 4 walls.

Our spots at H22


This area will deal with the ‘future of home’, exploring and displaying the future of retail and manufacturing. The Ocean pier will be the key touch point for IKEA at H22.


Visitors to the forest will have a deep and positive experience of a new way of outdoor living and connection to nature. The Forest will be developed in collaboration with Universities, architect and design schools.


Where urban areas transform from closed spaces to shared spaces, there will be a new marketplace, a community kitchen and urban farming, delivering to the above mentioned.