H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

DM. New meeting place at H22 and onwards.

At Drottninghög, northeast of Helsingborg, the excavators are already making way for DM, the new meetingplace, marketplace, urban farm, food court and place to love in Helsingborg. DM means “do more” and that is exactly what we are aiming for here. DM is an area where we want to shape our mission on how IKEA could become an active partner in developing cities, being a positive force in creating communities in local neighborhoods. DM opens in may 2022. And if it get’s popular, will live on after the city expo.

Idea sketch, south entrance

DM also means Drottninghög Market

DM is a place for doing more things and a place that mirrors what people want to fill the place with like: Eating, Relaxing, Learning, Meeting, Shoppng, Repairing stuff, Growing, Creating, Collaborating, Playing and just Chilling. DM will attract both people in the neighborhood and people from the region.

With its flexible setup, there are possibilities to host and offer pop-up stores, different kinds of markets, various social- & cultural events growing events, food outlets, conference spaces, school activities, workshops, and off course plenty of spaces to just hang around – among many other possibilities.

DM exists to create a positive impact on society through engagement of the many people, locals as well as visitors. The DM revenue model is in divided in four streams – DM Market, DM Äta, DM Odla and DM Recruit.

DM offers different kinds of market stands that businesses or organisation could rent; simpler stands for daily rent, mid-term lockable stands for monthly rent or shop-in-shops for businesses staying longer. Food trucks can drive into DM with their own trucks, stand both indoor and outdoor. Follow DM on Instagram, as it is happening.

DM = A new place to call home!

It is through people we make things happen. That’s why we create DM together with the citizens and not for the citizens.
So, it is the people that what will turn DM into a fairytale, since we want the neighborhood to be positively impacted by DM, offering ‘a new place to call home’.

With DM we want to give people in the neighborhood, who for different reasons are far away from the Swedish labor market, the possibility to use DM as a springboard for employment.

DM Äta (Eat) is DM’s main food- & beverage provider, with ingredients from DM Odla, but collaboration partners will also be invited to give the visitors even more choices. We already got started, visit the DM-website.
DM: shops for cheap rent! This is a type stall that can be rented over time. Both store and expose your goods so you don’t have to move in and out each marketday.

Positive impact!

With DM we want to create community engagement and contribute to a positive social development, showcasing how DM can deliver to community as a business. The importance of co-creating with a whole city and its citizens stands out and are an important building block in the business setup. We want to take these learnings from Drottninghög through the global IKEA network and to the rest of the world.

DM Odla (Grow) is a small-scale urban farm that is producing vegetables to be used in DM Äta’s kitchen as well as wholesale to retailers.
DM Folket (People): At DM we want to give more people in the neighborhood opportunities to enter the Swedish labor market.

Our spots at H22


This area will deal with the ‘future of home’, exploring and displaying the future of retail and manufacturing. The Ocean pier will be the key touch point for IKEA at H22.


Visitors to the forest will have a deep and positive experience of a new way of outdoor living and connection to nature. The Forest will be developed in collaboration with Universities, architect and design schools.


Where urban areas transform from closed spaces to shared spaces, there will be a new marketplace, a community kitchen and urban farming, delivering to the above mentioned.