This area will deal with the ‘future of home’, exploring and displaying the future of retail and manufacturing. The Ocean pier will be the key touch point for IKEA at H22.


Visitors to the forest will have a deep and positive experience of a new way of outdoor living and connection to nature. The Forest will be developed in collaboration with Universities, architect and Design schools.


Where urban areas transform from closed spaces to shared spaces, there will be a new marketplace, a community kitchen and urban farming, delivering to the above mentioned.


Growing ideas in many different areas

To be able to build sustainable cities in the future we need to think radically different. This is part of the brief during H22, the International city fair held 2022 in Helsingborg. The participation from IKEA is a long term, starting now, manifested during the city fair in Helsingborg May 30 – July 3 summer of 2022, but hopefully longer lasting. We are looking at three main areas where we will build, fund and explore, but the level of engagement will include countless areas. Read more about the different areas where we are present, visibly and invisibly. 


Home of The Garden, The Kitchen and The Market.

Drottninghög to the world!

As part of the IKEA’s engagement at H22 we declare our ambition to ‘open up’ Drottninghög. We want to engage and involve the local community, building on the foundations that are already there. The rich and global knowledge base of IKEA will be used to create a shared vision of how home is much more than four walls. Show how urban areas go from closed spaces to shared spaces.

We are curious about

  • Connect and open up parts of a segregated city
  • Showcase IKEAs vision of sustainable and affordable homes through engagement in local communities
  • Establish a marketplace, a magnet for food, shopping and events
  • Found a Community
  • Kitchen and create jobs for ‘mothers’
  • Bring pride and respect to the neighbourhood
The development of Drottninghög will be done in close collaboration with the inhabitants and local business entrepreneurs in the area. 

The Garden

Together with the municipality of Helsingborg we are looking at establishing a community garden, with commercial goals.  It will be operational all year around, farming organic produce. Open for citizens to visit and buy, for Schools and others to learn more about farming. The Garden will of course be supplied with sustainable energy and water solutions. Commercially produce will be sold to and requested by The Market (HGB Family Market) and the Community Kitchen and other enterprises


Early sketches of The Garden

The Kitchen

The All-activity-Hose in the neighborhood, will be the center of our food-project. Being an old printshop and distribution unit for the local newspaper it is ideal for a community kitchen. Our objective are to empower the underemployed in the area to start their own entrepreneurial enterprises and sell their incredible food. There is power in numbers – bringing small entrepreneurs into one space will create something very unique. Nowhere else in Helsingborg will you be able to find food from such diverse origins. Produce will be delivered from nearby The Garden and The Kitchen will sell and deliver meals throughout Helsingborg. During H22 we are aiming to deliver to The Market, IKEA Harbor and other parts of the exhibition. 



The fine All-activity house is the perfect spot for a community kitchen with logistic solutions already in place. 

The Market

In the heart of Drottninghög, a multi-activity marketplace will be erected. Initially a temporary solution before and under H22 – after that potentially a permanent solution. The market will be open – remaining as parking space gives it the flexibility to act as a popup marketplace. You will find Food outlets, Flower markets, Groceries from all over the world, Flea market. Car-boot sales, Events…etc 

The Market till be open to individual, as well as corporate vendors. The theme is flexible overarched by multiculturalism and sustainability. 



Early sketches of The Market


A place to find inner peace and outdoor pleasures

The “forgotten” forest lies between Drottninghög and central Helsingborg. One of our focus areas during H22.

Connecting a past exhibition with the future

At the forest we like to show that urbanization is not the opposite of nature but rather is closely connected. Building on the lineage of H55 we would like to create the opportunity for the many to explore the small outdoors. During H55 a low cost, flat pack weekender housing project was created just outside of Helsingborg. As a nod to that heritage, IKEA will provide a new kind of outdoor camping opportunity at H22, in sustainable materials and with a self-sufficient energy and water system.

We are curious about

  • Let more people discover all aspects of sustainable outdoor living
  • Dramatise the IKEA vision of how to ’live big in small spaces’
  • Connect the different parts of the H22-exhibition
  • Work together with art and design schools


Rooms with a view will be home to IKEA during H22

The Harbor

On the waterfront at the old Ocean pier, IKEA is exploring the future of retail, production and creating a meeting place during H22. We want visitors to have a deep and positive experience of a new way of consuming and producing stuff for life at home. One that considers ecology, wellbeing and community. Food and refreshments will go hand in hand with the shopping experience, it’s delicious, exciting and sustainable.

We are curious about

  • Show Utopian thinking – and dreaming BIG!
  • Showcase IKEA’s thinking on the Future of the Home. Home is more than four walls
  • Shorten the gap between manufacturing and customers, we believe that the future of retailing is closely connected to local manufacturing and a more sustainably efficient value chain customers, we believe that the future of retailing is closely connected to local manufacturing and a more sustainably efficient value chain
Don’t steal more letters! This gem of an old building is soon the home of IKEA initiatives like production, food court and shopping with some of the best views in Helsingborg.

Magasin 405

When  coffee beans arrived from South America, destined to the local roastery and mills of Zoega, their first destiny was this old warehouse. Abandoned for decades it is currently being restored, without destroying some of its “raw” looks. This is where you will find IKEA during H22. Magasin 405 will house exhibitions from the future of Home, shopping, food court, bars and coffee shops in three floors with some of the best views in Helsingborg. Sunny side only. On the ground floor visitors will also discover how IKEA will introduce small scale production and manufacturing – as close as it gets to the consumer.


Early sketches of Magasin 405