”The Future After The Pandemic – Sveavägen Transformed to a Lawn”

We are 39 years ahead in time. The year is 2060, and the Covid 19 pandemic is long over, and it does not matter where in the world the students get their education. Everything happens from a distance. The vision belongs to economics professor, author and lecturer Micael Dahlen, guest speaker on our podcast “The Oracle”.

8 Jun. 2021

– My episode is about how life in everything, from the small to the very big can be expected to get better in the decades to come, with the start of the pandemic. The pandemic has become the world’s largest experiment where everything from our routines to how we socialize, work and live, to the entire economy has been put on hold. The professor in me becomes very curious about the results of those experiments, says Micael Dahlen.

Maybe Sveavägen in Stockholm will consist of a lawn instead of asphalt and maybe the Arc de Triomphe in Paris will stand in a pond?


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14 Jul. 2021

Zeynep Erdal

Zeynep Erdal is a person that aspires to be the change she wants to see in the world. During the pandemic she created a WhatsApp-group with women from all over the world and gave them a platform to talk about their experiences during and beyond COVID-19. This quickly grew and soon created an empowering and supportive space where women could share their stories, called WoVid Diaries.


24 Jun. 2021

Gitanjali Rao

Gitanjali Rao is a very special inventor. At just 15 years of age, she’s already come up with several groundbreaking ideas, including a cheap and easy way for people to check their drinking water for lead. Last year she was named Time Magazines first ever “Kid of the year”. But in this episode of the Oracle she’s going to talk about something else – the importance of changing our education system. And according to her that change has to be both radical, and happen fast.


17 Jun. 2021

Josephine Forsman

Josephine Forsman is a well known drummer and songwriter who achieved great success with her band Sahara Hotnights. In this episode of the Oracle we learn how she went from world tours to be the founder of a non-profit music program for children, convinced that the opportunity to be in a band can create sustainable values on both individual and community level.


7 Jun. 2021

Micael Dahlen

Micael Dahlen is an economics professor, author and researcher. In this episode of The Oracle he predicts that after the pandemic we will live more sustainable lives due to the lessons we have learned during the pandemic.


7 Jun. 2021

Melissa Wijngaarden

Melissa Wijngaarden is one of the co-founders of Project Cece – a platform started out of a necessity to find fashion that matched both her style, and her values of sustainability and equality. Her way to try and make a positive change in the world in both the way people consume clothes and the way the fashion industry produces them.


18 May. 2021

Mustafa Sherif

Mustafa Sherif is an urban planner and podcaster with a passion for children’s commitment and participation in urban development. In this episode of Oracle, he tells how growing up in a war-torn country made him focus on child-friendly cities as a way to make the world a smarter and healthier place.


6 May. 2021

Josie Stoker

Josie Stoker is a green-tech entrepreneur who wants to empower people to turn eco-anxiety into eco-action. In this episode of the Oracle she tells us about finding the right technology for everyday people in their ambitions to understand CO2 emissions and make sustainable choices.


16 Apr. 2021

Harry McNeil

Harry McNeil is a business leader and ex researcher focusing on sustainable urban development. In this episode of the Oracle he shares his ideas on creating social sustainability in cities by designing houses and apartments that prevent loneliness and create opportunities for people to live better lives.


29 Mar. 2021

Peter Ullstad

Peter Ullstad is an architect, teacher and founder of a research studio, who has investigated the gap between commercial and academic interests in architecture. Now focusing on climate change and how to lower co2 emissions when building new houses.

In this episode of the Oracle he will be talking about reuse of concrete as a way to build a better future.


8 Mar. 2021

Lisa Renander

Lisa Renander is an innovator and entrepreneur who started scandinavia’s first co-living.

In this episode of the Oracle she will be talking about how the growing co-living movement can be a tool to battle loneliness as well as a step- towards a more sustainable way of living.


11 Feb. 2021

Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer is a culinary entrepreneur, cookbook author and food activist.

In this episode of the Oracle he shares his vision on how we can produce and consume food in a way that aligns with our hope that future generations can live happy and healthy on this planet.


11 Feb. 2021

Saba Nazarian

Saba Nazarian is a culinary farmer, educator, and sustainable food advocate. In this episode of the Oracle he will be talking about how the small-scale ecological farming movement is becoming more popular among the young generation and can potentially help heal what he sees as broken food systems.


11 Feb. 2021

Elisabet Lindgren

Elisabet Lindgren is a physician and associate professor in sustainability science who is a pioneer within research on climate change and health. In this episode of The oracle she discusses her vision on how we can use nature-based solutions to create both sustainable and healthy cities.