Sustainable growth in collaboration with the local waste plant

The IKEA involvement at H22 is growing, each day, quite literary. And now with the help of biochar it will grow even better in the newly founded flower beds that will surround the IKEA pavilion Magasinet in the harbor. As trials are being done right now, we are ensuring that fantastic midsummer flowers will blossom in 2022 as well as creating a carbon sequestration, funnily enough.

24 Jun. 2021

Up at NSR recycling plant in Helsingborg, all the waste from the municipality is taken care of. Organic materials are sorted and some ends up biochar. This is a very potent process of turning biomass into high-carbon under high temperatures. The end result, biochar, has many benefits but to our interest a number of soil health benefits. The extremely porous nature of biochar is found to be effective at retaining both water and water-soluble nutrients, making it perfect for soil and, in turn, plant health.




That’s why we will use biochar at in the flower beds that will surround the warehouse (Magasin 405) in the harbor. Right now we are trying out the perfect mix of biochar, crushed bricks and soil to grow beautiful Swedish meadow flowers. The latter has a significant importance for this time of the year, the Swedish tradition of celebrating Midsummers eve. As legend has it, if you want to find your loved one – pick seven different varieties of meadow flowers. Put them under your pillow on Midsummers eve, and sleep on them. The loved one will appear in your dreams and you know who to call…


So next year when you and everyone else visits H22 – the flowers will thrive thanks to our fantastic gardeners, and of course biochar!