H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

H22 City Expo

The Summary

Thank’s for making IKEA at H22 a sustaining impact!

After years of planning and creating our two main sites in Helsingborg, it is time to sum up:

We wanted to explore new ways of collaborating and engaging with partners, people and society. 

We wanted to make a positive impact in homes and neighborhoods – and get together to create community solutions for a better life at home.

Did we? 

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Yes. Thanks to all of you that helped doing this a success:

The proof comes in shape of some 200.000 visitors, over 1.000.000 viewers during our Twitch live streams, over 66.000 “balls” and 12.000 wraps served together with gallons of locally produced wine, beer and cider. And when it comes to positive impact on community and in hoods, we helped to create 53 steady jobs through DM People.

The gift that keeps on giving

Our marketplace and garden DM is alive and kicking and is our gift to the city and especially to the proud people of Drottninghög. Follow DM on Instagram and Facebook.

And what about the warehouse, Magasin 405, that we reshaped and remade for the exhibition? We will come back to that soon – let’s just say that our curiosity for what it can become is not over.

Thank’s again and see you soon,

IKEA@H22 team

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