H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

Meet the next Oracle

Josie Stoker is a green-tech entrepreneur who wants to empower people to turn eco-anxiety into eco-action. In this episode of the Oracle she tells us about finding the right technology for everyday people in their ambitions to understand CO2 emissions and make sustainable choices.

6 May. 2021

Latest episodes

3 Oct. 2022

Carolina Sachs – future proof food production

Natural protein produced by using air, climate controlled indoor farms, artificial meat made out of cells? Yes, this is already a reality.

But we need to find many more new sustainable methods of producing food. It is a crucial challenge to tackle in a world where we – soon – will be 10 billion people.


19 Sep. 2022

Emma Stenström

She is a self proclaimed academic activist, she tells us how a lifetime of feeling like an outsider has helped to shape her view of not only business and sustainability – but the world as a whole. Emma is a teacher and associate professor at Stockholm school of economics.

In this episode of The Oracle Emma talks about the importance of stepping out of our own comfort zones – our so-called bubbles, and listen to what’s going on around us.


5 Sep. 2022

Anders Rosengren

Embarrassingly long meals, forgetting the fitness app and combining science with existential questions are some of the things that Anders Rosengren will be talking about in this episode.

He is a doctor, a professor of molecular medicine and an author in Sweden, working with different kinds of health projects where questions about life are incorporated.


8 Aug. 2022

Katarina Graffman

In this episode of the Oracle, Katarina talks about the need to move away from the information based approach we have today of tackling climate change, and bring more humanity into our solutions, so we can reach people in all the different contexts and cultures we find ourselves in.


25 Jul. 2022

Karin Zingmark

The importance of a healthy feedback culture, problems with bosses not trusting their employees, benefits of making mistakes and positive effects of a “digital first” mindset…

These are some of the things that Karin Zingmark brings up when talking about how to make working environments better.


11 Jul. 2022

Bodil Jönsson – how to change your mindset

Bodil talks to us about the brain ghost hurry, the future’s presence in the now and the crucial importance for us to complement our old mindsets with new ones. If we don’t do that, we’ll risk reaching the destination of a ”complete climate crisis” in a very short time.


3 Jul. 2022

Future for Children

30% of the world’s population are kids. When planning homes and public spaces we often get to hear the perspective of grownups, but what about the questions regarding how children will thrive in different environments, both online and irl. In this episode we discover how clever design and careful planning can make the world a happier place for the many children. It is certainly not only to build more playgrounds…


26 Jun. 2022

The future of food – Live with Paul Svensson, Sigrid Bárány and Simon Caspersen

Extended episode due to important, interesting and fun content. In this episode we focus on the stuff we eat and how it will change, how it must change and how it is likely to taste. Many issues need to be solved in the near future. Listen as Paul, Sigrid and Simon discuss zero waste, circularity, nutrition, look and texture of proteins and food in culture and tradition.


20 Jun. 2022

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, a day dedicated to honoring the strength and courage of refugees around the world. Listen to these amazing stories from former refugee’s, Abdul Alkayali and Alqumit Alhamad in a conversation with Astrid van Genderen Stort.


13 Jun. 2022

Live podcast – perspectives on wellbeing, welfare and equity in homes

Every year more than 150 million people move to their first own home. Even though we often have small means in the beginning, many of us hoard during our way forward. Do we really need everything? What are we willing to share for the sake of those who have less, with our friends and for the good of our common home, the earth? That is some of the questions that economics professor Micael Dahlen, designer Ilse Crawford and writer Maisie Skidmore discuss in this live podcast.


6 Jun. 2022

Live podcast – perspectives on home and community

Urbanization and increasingly dense cities leads to new perspectives on the space we live in. Home, used to be the four walls that surrounded us, but now it is more. Where do our homes begin and where do they end? That is some of the questions that Rafaela Stålbalk Klose, Frida Ravn Abildgaard and Micael Dahlen discuss in this live podcast.
This podcast was recorded in front of a live audience in Helsingborg, Sweden.


1 Jun. 2022

Kodjo Akolor – unity through laughter

Extended episode with Kodjo Akolor – one of Swedens most famous standup comedians and radio hosts for the past 20 years.
In this episode Kodjo talks about the insight he’s gained from some of his experiences both on and off stage, the power of laughter and how it can bridge the gap between people that at first seem to stand too far apart.


4 Oct. 2021

Oskar Kihlborg

Oskar Kihlborg is an adventurer who’s involved in several different organizations dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and helping ordinary people to be a part of the solution moving forward. In this episode of The Oracle, Oskar tells us about some of his journeys and the lessons he’s learned from them, and about the power people can have when it comes to making a change in the world.


22 Sep. 2021

Johan Kuylenstierna

Johan Kuylenstierna is a geographer, climate expert, and the chair of the Swedish Climate Policy Council. He’s been working on climate related issues for the past 30 years, and it’s taken him from giving lectures at the university, to boardrooms at major companies helping them make sustainable choices, and to the UN working towards a fossil free future.


6 Aug. 2021

Neel Tamhane

Neel Tamhane is very passionate about energy. And especially, the distribution of it. He works as the solar strategy lead at Space10, a project working on improving and simplifying everyday life for people all around the world.


23 Jul. 2021

Ida Hallgren

Ida Hallgren is a Philosophical Practitioner, researcher and Psychologist who works with philosophy for individuals and organizations.
In this episode of the Oracle she talks about how negative thinking can lead the way to a more sustainable future.


14 Jul. 2021

Zeynep Erdal

Zeynep Erdal is a person that aspires to be the change she wants to see in the world. During the pandemic she created a WhatsApp-group with women from all over the world and gave them a platform to talk about their experiences during and beyond COVID-19. This quickly grew and soon created an empowering and supportive space where women could share their stories, called WoVid Diaries.


24 Jun. 2021

Gitanjali Rao

Gitanjali Rao is a very special inventor. At just 15 years of age, she’s already come up with several groundbreaking ideas, including a cheap and easy way for people to check their drinking water for lead. Last year she was named Time Magazines first ever “Kid of the year”. But in this episode of the Oracle she’s going to talk about something else – the importance of changing our education system. And according to her that change has to be both radical, and happen fast.


17 Jun. 2021

Josephine Forsman

Josephine Forsman is a well known drummer and songwriter who achieved great success with her band Sahara Hotnights. In this episode of the Oracle we learn how she went from world tours to be the founder of a non-profit music program for children, convinced that the opportunity to be in a band can create sustainable values on both individual and community level.


7 Jun. 2021

Micael Dahlen

Micael Dahlen is an economics professor, author and researcher. In this episode of The Oracle he predicts that after the pandemic we will live more sustainable lives due to the lessons we have learned during the pandemic.