H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022

H22 City Expo

The Exhibits

We are curious about the future of homes

And so, we have looked into it in depth in our exhibitions on the 1st and 2nd floor at Magasin 405. Together with artists, scenographers, set-designers and other creative minds we have explored how the different moments in life (ÖGONBLICK) effect our homes. And what about The First home? We have taken on that too and a whole lot of other perspectives on what most of us call home, even those who might lack a home all together (SKOGEN). Enjoy. 

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The First Home

Every year, millions of people move into their first home. Wherever we are in life or in the world, setting out on our own for the first time is often a big emotional step. And of course, it’s most likely a major cost as well.

What if we could take a different approach to affordability? If we could look at what we need to own and what we’re willing to share with others, whether it’s to save money, take better care of the planet, or just to be generous?

As our cities grow, we are probably also going to need to live in smaller spaces in the future. At the same time, the cost of living for every square metre is only moving in one direction – up!

Join us on this floor, where we explore different living situations for those first homers – and how we can make it possible financially, and also cater for different types of people and their individual needs.

ÖGONBLICK – Moments in life

Every day in galaxies far, far away and in homes not too far away, life is under constant change. 

In this exhibition we are curious about how you can experience the changes of life at home during different moments in life, and the effects this might have on time and space. 

From the one-room single household to multi-generational shared rooms, from all aspects and corners of our planet. It is from the everyday life of the many people all around the world we at IKEA draw the inspiration for most of our products and solutions.

Now you are invited to take part in these moments and check which boxes they tick in your preferred everyday living.

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SKOGEN is an exhibit featuring the result of two major competitions that has been going on between some of the sharpest young creatives on the planet.

The reason for making SKOGEN is multipurposed: The Covid-19 pandemic, mass-migration, rapid urbanization and the devastating impacts of the climate crisis act as a wake-up call. Add to the equation that some 1,3 billion people don’t even have a first home to move to, and you’ll get the whole picture.

All in all, it raises awareness of how urgently we must protect the environment and our common values within it. This new reality has also changed the way we live, move, and work – deeply impacting our routines and the quality of our urban life.  These changes also affect our relationship with nature in our everyday surroundings including our access to it, the values we find in it, and how we interact with it. 

Welcome to SKOGEN, where talented creatives are building hope for the future.