Circularity at work. The ups and downs of Kållered

Right now, one of IKEAs oldest stores is being prepared to be recycled and reused. Some parts will end up as new structures at H22 in the IKEA pavilion in the harbor.

Read more about one of the most exciting projects that is being planned right now and will be executed this fall. Our architects are already taking the final measurements and making the end inventories for rebuilding and restructuring.

24 Jun. 2021

Just south of Gothenburg lies the township of Kållered. Dating back as a trading place to at least the 15th century this locality was mostly a farming community: In more recent times and thanks to the closeness to Sweden’s second largest city, it has become a popular place to live and shop. Since 1972 IKEA have been a dominating trading place in Kållered. That’s why it is big news in the neighborhood, that one of the oldest IKEA stores in the world is closing this September, and in most parts be torn down!*



But in true IKEA fashion nothing will go to waste. Most parts will appear in other structures or become recycled, but a certain portion of what now constitutes a building will become linchpins in our H22 pavilion (Magasin 405).

On this page you can follow the architects from SKEWED, Robert, Petter and Clara as they are planning and investigation how and what could be reused and refurbished in Helsingborg at H22. And then of course see the result at our place in the harbour.



The racks are obviously very durable, they will come in handy for the big new staircases planned for H22. Details from the exterior might end up as winebars on floor 3. Or maybe we will use the enormous word mark (IKEA) and build something exciting from those letters too. Right now the fun and imaginative phase is going on. In the autumn, we will start dismantling and rebuild. That’s when the real fun starts! Keep an eye of the development here. And don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter.

*) To worrying customers we must add that next doors, the brand new IKEA store is already at place for a seamless switch; As soon as the doors are shut at the old place, the new IKEA premieres.