H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022
H22 City Expo
30/5–3/7 2022


Keynote Cyber Security (PG + Panos)

Our first theme was Cyber Security and here is the keynote speech given by Pål-Göran Stensson and Panagiotis Vasilikos.

Being secure in the physical world can be challenging enough, how secure are you digitally? What are you doing to improve it? Is it all up to you? What should governments and companies be doing about it? What is IKEA doing? How do we at IKEA enable our developers to develop secure code?



Keynote Incl Design (Tie and Robin)

IKEA is here for the many. We are still living in a world where digital services, web pages, apps and physical products tend to be designed with ableist ideals in mind. That leaves so many of us out of the equation every time. How might we make the IKEA experience for both customers and employees more inclusive and equitable for more people?

Improving the IKEA website to improve the experience for people of all abilities might seem like a big change that only benefits some users. This is not the case. More universally accessible and inclusive design improves the experience for everyone. Join us to learn how IKEA is working towards a more equitable, diverse and inclusive culture.

IKEA is here for the many. We are still living in a world where digital services, web pages, apps and physical products tend to be designed with ableist ideals in mind. That leaves so many of us out of the equation every time. How might we make the IKEA experience for both customers and employees more inclusive and equitable for more people?



Panel discussion – Employing the neuro diverse (Amy, Matilda, Marie, Elin and Julia)

We created a panel discussion about neurodiversity, celebrating that we all have our differences. We like to work, communicate and socialise in different ways. This requires some planning, acknowledgement, communication and influenceing the company culture. And when you do it, you will notice that new circumstances arise that we can all benefit from!

IKEA is happy to welcome representatives from Lunds Fontänhus and Unicus. Lund’s Fontänhus is helping neurodivergent people find their way in life and in finding a job where they can thrive. Unicus is an IT consultancy that specialises in employing people on the Autism spectrum and their specific needs and capabilities.

This is a way for IKEA to be inspired by the front-runners and start to learn how to make our employment process more open and convenient for neuro diverse talents.



The Finalists in the 10 day sprint competition have been chosen.

Through an open competition for young, creative minds from across the globe, and across disciplines, we sought to create a platform for sharing this knowledge. All participants were tasked with creating open source recipes of their designed dwelling for inhabiting their local nature and to share these ideas with our global community. This makes it possible for anyone anywhere to download, rebuild or even hack the designs, adapting and recontextualizing them to their local nature.

We are happy to announce the winners of the open competition. The winners were found in a rich and diverse set of proposals, from all across the globe. In a jury with a wide range of professional backgrounds consisting of Anupama Kundoo, Marcus Fairs, Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen, Nelly Ben Hayoun and Marcus Engman, the winners were selected after a set of dynamic discussions. 

The three winning proposals, with motivations as follows, to be built during the H22 expo are: 

1. Returning to nature, Sweden

My local setting is an island in the Stockholm archipelago where nature grows wild. Today it’s a rare thing to have access to such an environment. When living in a city you have little relationship to “real” nature. I´ve chosen to focus on an experience-based concept with the intention of deepening the relationship between humans and our nature.

I have designed the ritual of “returning to nature”.  The ritual starts with a widening perspective of the scenery. The participant takes a step up on a walking path and walks into nature from above the ground. The path directs the participant through the environment and gives him a different and stronger experience of it. Just like being nude with just a pair of socks on enforces the feeling of nudity, the feeling of nature enlarges when walking on top of it.

Jury motivation

This proposal gives a poetic and playful take that goes above imaginary boundaries while simultaneously maintaining a strong degree of buildability and simplicity. The jury agreed that this is a design that invites to human interaction by allowing people to engage with one another. A component of daily lives that many people have missed during the rather traumatic period of the pandemic. The proposal aims with themes such as connectivity and collaboration to bring these two concepts back to the front, in the intersection between humans and nature. The design itself makes a big statement on the human footprint in nature; as humans impact nature simply by moving around within it. The raised structure of the dwelling alludes to that damage, and presents it in a way that avoids all the cliches of most types of sleeping structures. The structures themselves also allow for the dwelling to play with the human senses; sound, sight and touch. 

Download Open Source Recipe here


2. Tree House, United States

This proposal reconsiders the idea of a treehouse – building with nature, in nature. Inspired by a childhood dream for a treehouse, this playful structure enables a new relationship with the forest by elevating you into the canopies. Unlike a traditional treehouse, the stand-alone structure does not depend on being fastened to trees, instead, it can be constructed anywhere, in any context

Tree-House is a streamlined system built from standardized wood — a cheap, renewable and accessible resource, making it an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable structure. The ubiquity of the standardized wood enables materials to be re-used in the future when the structure is no longer in use. Tree-House is a playful provocation to reconsider the spatial possibilities of a transportable tree house that brings us closer to nature.

Jury Motivation 

With an urban approach to nature, the dwelling manages to combine a brave and exciting proposal with a sense of simplicity. It is unconventional yet functional and demonstrates a high degree of applicability in both urban and non-urban contexts – regardless of what a person may perceive as their local nature. The flexibility makes the dwelling useful in a variety of settings, across the globe and for different uses. The creator has made the proposal open-minded with different layouts within the proposal that suits different contexts.

Download Open Source Recipe here


3. Cork Loop, Portugal/The United Kingdom

The Cork Loop inspires people of all ages to explore and connect with the extraordinary natural environments that surround us through an adaptable modular shelter, and reflect upon how humans can create industries that protect the ecosystems which sustain them. 

The compact and lightweight modular design makes the Cork Loop simple to transport and set up, opening up the possibilities for exploration. Modules can be combined in countless ways to form different structures which adapt to their environment.

Jury Motivation

Flat-packable, modular and movable. Simple and flexible with an interesting and well-thought use of materials. Those are some of the key aspects the jury all agreed makes this proposal highly worthy of being awarded. It creates a loop-like building system that could travel around the earth and be developed, elaborated, optimised and explored in a variety of contexts. It tells a story about a profound love for sleeping in nature and has a high level of understanding that simplicity in construction is highly suitable within such a context. The proposal also demonstrates a strong sense of social and environmental sustainability. 

Download Open Source Recipe here


All the winning proposals are to be explored at the exhibition set up in the harbour during H22 City Expo.



Honourable Mentions 

IKEA’s open competition aimed to highlight how we can creatively approach challenges of the contemporary and the future. The competition idea is based on giving young creatives visibility and a platform to share design inspiration with others. Besides the winner, the jury has chosen to give the following contestants an honorable mention for how they have demonstrated innovative and unique ideas of high quality. 

Poruous, Denmark

Built by and with the elements – Inspired by the two main elements of the context; sand and migration, Poruous dwelling is utilising the materials available on-site; the dwelling is constructed of a series of bricks made of sand, water, seeds and adhesives and is constantly changing its character. The dwelling is a manifestation of a completely natural process.

Download Open Source Recipe here


Weavers House, Philippines/Australia 

The intention has been to make the dwelling ‘amphibious’ and flood-resilient, the project sits on the ground within a purpose made dock, and is able to rise up to1-2m when a flood occurs, buoyed by the flood water. The material usage will depend on locally available renewable resources where possible to reduce carbon footprint and embodied energy. It pays homage to the traditions of the indigenous people living in the domain whilst remaining functional and integrated to the daily needs of the community as a whole.

Download Open Source Recipe here


Thorpe, Denmark

An overnight residency to re-engage with our precious oceans. – Thorpe provides a new lens in reconnecting ourselves with the beautiful oceans and harbours that surround us all and impact us constantly. This urban retreat aims to act as an architectural catalyst for all, an inspiration for future engagement and re-connection with our most precious environments.

Download Open Source Recipe here





We thank everybody for the unique, innovative and interesting contributions and we look forward to sharing the open source design recipes with the whole world. And we hope that everyone across the globe will enjoy the design ideas in their local nature, and make their own explorations of how to build better, cheaper, smarter and more sustainable temporary nature dwellings. 

Global open competition: Young creatives challenged to build a better everyday life

The participants’ nature dwellings will be built in an artificial forest in the new central district of Oceanhamnen, with a front view of the Öresund in Helsingborg, Sweden, as one of the several initiatives that we doing for H22.

Among others, the three finalists will win a trip to Helsingborg to present the proposal and the winner will get a prize of 5.000 euros.



DM a fresh new marketplace, opening soon!

DM is an area where we want to shape our mission on how IKEA could become an active partner in developing cities, being a positive force in creating communities in local neighborhoods. DM opens soon, the 26th of may 2022. If it becomes the success, we all believe it will be, it will live on long after the city expo. Find out more here.

We want you!

Right now, the marketplace is filling up, but we need more inspired people with things to sell and ideas to market. Are you interested, do not hesitate to contact us, straight away!


What is going on at DM?

Our aim is that DM will attract both people in the neighborhood, people from the region and visitors. A visit to Helsingborg won’t be complete unless you have visited DM. With its flexible setup, there are possibilities to host and offer pop-up stores, different kinds of markets, various social- & cultural events growing events, food outlets, conference spaces, school activities, workshops, and off course plenty of space to just to meet and greet.