We are curious about the Future Life at Home.

For the first time ever, IKEA starts a collaboration with an entire city. Together with City of Helsingborg, IKEA steps outside the four walls of the home, to explore the solutions to the many challenges that comes with ever increasing urbanization. It turns out that “Life at Home”, is a wide and ever-changing concept.

Urbanization with all its positive sides, comes with it a few challenges, like density, inequality, segregation and the contributions to climate change. To find solutions to these changes/challenges IKEA have teamed up with the City of Helsingborg. The initiative aims at making city life healthier and more sustainable for citizens, society and the planet at large.

  • The Future of the Affordable Home
  • The Future of Food and Togetherness in the Home
  • The Future of Health, Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Home
  • The Future of Shopping in the city and at home


This area will deal with the ‘future of home’, exploring and displaying the future of retail and manufacturing. The Ocean pier will be the key touch point for IKEA at H22.


Visitors to the forest will have a deep and positive experience of a new way of outdoor living and connection to nature. The Forest will be developed in collaboration with Universities, architect and Design schools.


Where urban areas transform from closed spaces to shared spaces, there will be a new marketplace, a community kitchen and urban farming, delivering to the above mentioned.



Drottninghög is one of our major undertakings during H22. Kicking off already in the spring of 2021, IKEA will partner in setting up a dynamic marketplace, a community kitchen, a commercial local cultivation venue for urban farming and various other comprehensive projects. To put it short: IKEA is stepping outside the four walls of home.


At the forest we like to show that urbanization is not the opposite of nature but rather is closely connected. Building on the lineage of H55 we would like to create the opportunity for the many to explore the small outdoors. During H55 a low cost, flat pack weekender housing project was created just outside of Helsingborg. As a nod to that heritage, IKEA will provide a new kind of outdoor camping opportunity at H22, in sustainable materials and with a self-sufficient energy and water system.


On the waterfront at the old Ocean pier, IKEA is exploring the future of retail, production and creating a meeting place during H22. We want visitors to have a deep and positive experience of a new way of consuming and producing stuff for life at home. One that considers ecology, wellbeing and community. Food and refreshments will go hand in hand with the shopping experience, it’s delicious, exciting and sustainable.


The Oracle Podcast

The Oracle is a podcast where you will meet passionate people who share their visions for how we can meet todays global challenges. They come from different fields of expertise : architecture, medicine, farming, design and many more. From their point of view they will tell us about the real problems we are facing. But also where they see the hope for a better future. Because there are reasons to be optimistic. And they will tell us why.

Recent guests:

  • Elisabet Lindgren, a physician and associate professor in sustainability science who is a pioneer within research on climate change and health. Listen here.
  • Saba Nazarian, a culinary farmer, educator, and sustainable food advocate. Listen here.
  • Claus Meyer, a culinary entrepreneur, cookbook author and food activist. Listen here.